Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Design Team Layout 1: Portrait of Me

As part of the Design Team for Caz Dezign I received the April pack of goodies and the first thing I came up with was this:

One of the activities that the kids do at the kids camp that Carrie and I run up at Camp Maynard is chalk drawing. At one camp a group of children decided to do a portrait of Vienna - it was fantastic! It had her pony tails, striped top, spotty tights and big smile. I love the picture Carrie took and printed it in 5 x 7 inch - my favourite size at the moment, it costs a little extra but I love the way it looks.

I love the way this page came together and enjoyed using the Kelly Panacci papers in the design team pack.

For a list of the other supplies used check out the post on the Caz Dezign page.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fabric Crafts

I finally finished this little treat for Vienna and Lucy (the doll). I have been working on these for a long time, they are officially for Vienna's birthday this year but because she doesn't read my blog you can have a sneak peak now.

First I made the little fabric bag with a drawstring top and stamped it WIPES with staz-on ink.

And cut out some little fabric wipes - they are like the ones Vienna uses.

Then I made a change mat, just like Vienna's one. I forgot to get a photo of the other side but it is cute Winnie the Pooh waterproof fabric that Louise sent us over from Melbourne, then a layer of thin padding and the inside white fabric. I sewed these layers together and added seams going across where it folds into thirds (to make it easy for Vienna to see where to fold it) and then added the bright pink satin ribbon around the edge as a binding. Lastly I added a little bit of velcro to hold it closed.

Lucy fits on it perfectly!

It was definitely a labour of love as it is all hand sewn (i don't own a sewing machine), but I am really happy with it so it was worth it.

Perhaps I will need to make a nappy bag next so Vienna has somewhere to keep them along with Lucy's changes of clothes.

P.S. the outfit that Lucy is wearing here was a gift from Vienna's friend Taryn - it was one of her dolls outfits but now that she is a teenager she gave it to Lucy who fits it perfectly, thanks Taryn.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Language Explosion

Vienna has had new language falling out of her at every turn over the past week or so, it is soooo crazy cool and soooo exciting to hear!

There is a lot of copying words after we speak but she is also anticipating things I am going to say and saying them before I do - when helping her into her pajamas I counted 'one' as I put one foot in, then as I put the other foot in she said 'two'.

Today I got the first set of two words in a row - I was getting my keys to go out and said 'I will just grab the keys' and Vienna said 'car keys'. It seems so small when I write it down but it was so huge when she said it.

Her comprehension also seems to have taken huge leaps lately and it is so cool that she can understand what we say and chose her response.

Our little girl is growing up and our lives are making yet another change as she changes.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

St Patricks Day 2011

Vienna had to take a plate for a shared afternoon tea at daycare to celebrate St Patricks Day so I whipped up these yummy treats.

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting, a few green sprinkles and either fruit sticks or green fondant shamrocks (i used a 'club' cutter from a set and pinched in each side with a toothpick).

Yummy and Cute!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Wallet Book Page

I have a little wallet size photo album that has pages the size of business cards. In it there are some mini scrapbook pages of my special peeps.

I had this photo left over from a 12 x 12 layout I did recently and it was the perfect size to do a little page of Ashley.

He is soooo young in this picture! I can't believe that this Easter was 18 years since we met at camp. This picture was taken almost a year later - just before I turned 16. I love how a photo can bring back so many memories and such intense feelings.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini Easter Egg Butter Cookies

I made these tiny (1 inch) butter cookies for Vienna to take to daycare and share with her teachers and friends for Easter.

I didn't have a mini egg cutter so used an oval and pinched the top edges. I then used royal icing to do wet on wet icing for the first time. I loved the way the colours melted into each other - it was so sweet. They weren't all perfect but for a first time I was pretty happy. I think I will keep an eye out for a mini egg cutter though - less steps just makes things easier!

I packaged 5 each into plastic shot glasses and added a cellophane circle and rubber band (I use pre-cut circles sold at the supermarket for preserves/jam etc they are just a few dollars and I love that they are ready to go).

Then found an Easter clip art in similar colours, printed it out on linen paper, added the 'From Vienna' and used a glue dot to stick them to the top.


Thursday, April 21, 2011


A few weeks ago we went to the night market at the Pakuranga Mall, we discovered this little Asian lady turning names into amazing works of art. You write down the name and then in just a few minutes she turns it into a beautiful sign, and if you like it you pay for it and get to keep it. She then added a little glitter to each letter - a step that I personally could have done without but it was too late to stop her. It cost $10 and I loved it!

I haven't decided how I will display it yet but will make it into a wall plaque for Vienna's bedroom.